Monday, November 1, 2010

Who Am I...I'm Derricka baby!

My father is a judge. My mother is a high siddity housewife. I grew up having the best. I'm 5'4, brown eyes, brown skin and plump where it counts. I stay dressed in the finest labels, who gives a shit if they are knock offs? They're mine. The Marc Jacob boots might be Marc Jacoby, but the Loui is definitely authentic. How do I know, because I have a habit that consists of getting what I want when I want it, by any means necessary. I have about $1000 in the bank, yet that other account I use is over the amount insured by the FDIC. I'll keep writing checks from it until I can't any longer. My credit is jacked up and sooner than later I'll probably get arrested for fraud. No one knows my secret, but you. So if I hear it repeated I know it was you that told, and believe me you've never seen a pittbull in a skirt until you seen my bite. Eve ain't got nothing on Derricka!

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